Mathew Amonson "Nosnoma"

Director of Photography, Animation, Practical VFX and Live Action in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Specialties:  Director, Producer, Photographer/DP, Motion Control Operator, Editor, Compositor, Rigger

I am a Multimedia Expert; Directing, Producing, Designing, and Implementing productions large and small.  With a focus on Practical Animation, I combine various visual forms such as 2D Cell Animation, 3D Animation, Stop Motion, Live Action, Puppeteering, and Interactive Animation Devices. With over a decade of experience working in the New York Film, Animation and Advertising industries, I have both refined and expanded my skillsets.  While in New York, I also directed the pilot episode of Live from the Artist's Den, a live music TV show as well as producing, shooting and editing most of the first two seasons.  Live from the Artists Den has continued to grow and receive acclaim to this day.  I have also spent many years training, presenting and teaching professional creative software as well as editing advertising and promo videos for agencies and studios.

I founded, an award winning animation studio focusing on physical animation and practical visual effects in 2017.  Through this studio and past collaborations, I have had the opportunity to work on countless productions; directing, writing, animating, sourcing, producing and bringing imagined worlds to life.  The many incredible artists that I collaborate with, greatly enrich every project and my creative experience.